Ethical practice

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed private operation in the UK and you can choose from several excellent surgeons working in Devon and West Wales. I would encourage you to use someone who you feel comfortable with and with whom you can develop a trusting relationship.

I can personally recommend my colleagues at Werndale, Exeter Eye and The Medical Eye Clinic in Exeter. They are all excellent surgeons who will take very good care of you while helping you to achieve your visual goals.

If, having reviewed your options, you decide to ask me to look after your eyesight, you can expect the following...

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What to expect

  • an appointment to discuss your visual problems within two weeks
  • surgery within a month of the decision to operate
  • no unnecessary tests or investigations (only one test is generally required for routine cataract surgery, to measure your eye and predict the lens that will give you clear vision)
  • cost for the above test is included in your fee (no charge for any additional tests that may be required)
  • world class facilities with access to the latest surgical and lens equipment
  • no additional premium for enhanced intraocular lens (I won’t charge you anymore than the lens manufacturer charges me)
  • direct debit and up-front payment options so that you can budget accordingly.

Carbon reduction

I endeavour to treat my patients, my staff, the wider environment and the community both respectfully and ethically.


A cataract operation generates approximately 180kg of CO2 (Morris et al). I am determined to reduce the footprint of my own practice and to offset the carbon that I create. I already do this in several ways:

  • I encourage my patients to have remote consultations via the enVoi app, telephone calls and video calls, therefore reducing the miles travelled to and from hospital.
  • I offer bilateral surgery, where appropriate, in order to minimise repeated visits to hospital.
  • I offer surgery at a theatre location close to your home so that any journeys you need to make are as short as possible.
  • I have partnered with Moor Trees to honour my commitment to planting a new tree for each cataract surgery I perform.

Ethical treatment of my patients

It is extremely important to me that you receive a high quality, safe and enjoyable service. More than anything, I hope that you feel that you have been treated fairly and with dignity—both in theatre and in terms of cost.

I have a very transparent pricing structure so you know exactly what you are paying, and to whom. I am not registered with any insurance company, but I am able to accept direct debit instalments or payment in full.

Surgical hospital fees are available here with a £180 (telephone) or £200 (face to face) consultation fee additional to these prices.

Patient Testimonials

I am a very experienced cataract surgeon achieving excellent patient satisfaction

Sam is a first class professional in his field - totally honest and trustworthy.
Friendly, thorough, professional while being very clear in explaining his findings and in giving advice. I have been delighted with the outcome of my visit, and would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Evans to other prospective patients.
Excellent advice, attention, information, given with kindness and consideration.
Consultation very clear and helpful. Mr Evans was most approachable, friendly and informative. I felt he listened to my concerns and worries and took time and care to help me make decisions about the next step.
Everything went ok and my sight is now as good as it has ever been.
Even though the lenses I had before were good, these were a step up on that... quite remarkable.
Thank you so much for your care and kindness. You were brilliant. It was an amazing procedure and it means so much to me to have my sight back at last.
Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for everything you did. Your manner is second to none and I can’t thank you enough for putting me at ease during the procedure. My vision now is so much better—my son says I can see too much now!
I am extremely grateful to you for your kindness last Friday when you operated on my cataract. My nervousness proved to be so unnecessary as it was painless and very swift. My grateful thanks for all you did.
To Mr. Sam Evans, brilliant eye surgeon. I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you and your wonderful team for my life-changing eye operations. For many years I have struggled with poor vision and thanks to you my quality of life will be transformed.

Discuss your needs with me over the telephone, via video call or in person.

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